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Language Matters

As a keen linguist (Spanish/German/French/Portuguese/Italian) and as a communications professional, I’m fascinated by the way the words we choose shape the meaning someone takes from our communications. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@andrewhesselden), will know that I often engage in political discussions about European matters. (If you…
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Pressing our buttons

How manipulative communication techniques can harm society and our mental well-being. In the same way that “we are what we eat”, I wonder if as a society, we are “what we consume” from an information point of view. Here are my thoughts on ethical considerations for communicators.
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Finding the internal communications rainmakers

Every organisation has internal communications “rainmakers”. These are the magical unicorn employees who just seem to know everything and everyone. Here are 5 ways you can work out who they are and how you can persuade them to spread their magic dust over your messages.
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Coronavirus Tips for Internal Communicators

With staff, businesses, consumers and clients anxious about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s a busy time for communicators around the world. Here are a few tips and ideas about how to get your internal communications right. These are tailored specifically to COVID-19, but you’ll find the general principles here useful…
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Superhero change communications

…or how to humanise change communications & improve accountability If you’re a Programme Director or Change Lead working on a change programme or project in a large company, it’s often tempting to have all project communication sent out by the most senior person in the organisation.
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