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Coronavirus Tips for Internal Communicators

With staff, businesses, consumers and clients anxious about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s a busy time for communicators around the world. Here are a few tips and ideas about how to get your internal communications right. These are tailored specifically to COVID-19, but you’ll find the general principles here useful…
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Superhero change communications

…or how to humanise change communications & improve accountability If you’re a Programme Director or Change Lead working on a change programme or project in a large company, it’s often tempting to have all project communication sent out by the most senior person in the organisation.
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Instagram Recruitment

Using Instagram to Attract & Engage staff

  Is your business on Instagram? Maybe…. but are you using it to recruit yet? With over 500 million active users each month, it’s very likely that many of your current staff are on Instagram. There’s a good chance the talent you want to attract is too. So why aren’t you using it…
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How to Resuscitate your Intranet

I was delighted to have been invited to speak at #IntranetNow in 2016. I explained how you can breathe life back into an old intranet by using a little user experience design magic.  I’m always happy to speak at events on the topic of intranets, UX design, internal communications or…
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Why you might be getting in a muddle with your internal comms metrics

In any line of work, the ability to measure the impact of what you are doing is important to achieving success. After all, how will you know whether or not you’ve been successful if you can’t measure it?  As internal communications people, we are usually very keen on measurement. Herein lies…
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